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Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Lights are used as an attractive alternative in enhancing any garden, playground or park especially if the site is not connected to the utility grid, or if you don't want to run a power line through a site. Solar power requires minimal maintenance and is very reliable. The solar light requires no underground wiring and as it runs on a standalone solar power system, it is portable, making it an ideal option to decorate landscapes.

Our lights can be incorporated on decorative poles with motif frames according to customer's preference. Luminosity range from 400 lm to 7,000 lm. Automatic dusk to dawn operation eliminates any human intervention. Centralized solar array distribution networks to various points can also be incorporated.

We customize all of our solar powered lighting systems according to individual requirements taking into account the geographical location of the installation site, operating hours and brightness required. Our other solar lighting systems include solar powered street lights, solar powered bus shelter lighting and lights for remote home.


Gardens, parks, pathways, playgrounds, post lights

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