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Solar Power For Shelter & Bus Stop Lighting

Our solar powered bus shelter light is the perfect solution to light up shelters or bus stops where there is no grid connection or as an alternative to conventional mains electricity.

The solar powered lights run on a stand-alone system with a choice of either high efficiency LED or DC Compact Fluorescent Lamps as the light source. Custom designs can be incorporated to suit different requirements. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof of the shelter or on a pole. The highly efficient and reliable system is easy to install, doesn’t require trenching and requires minimal maintenance.

By illuminating bus shelters, we are able to deter unwarranted incidents, improve visibility for transit users and bus drivers and give users a sense of security.


Bus shelter, car park shelter, gazebos, public parks, private home gardens.

Solar Bus Shelter Light, Selangor
Solar Bus Stop Light, Johor
Solar Powered Shelter Light, Petaling Jaya